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Ultrasonic Homogenizer (Sonicator, Cell Disrupter, Sonifier, Sonic Dismembrator, Cell Disruptor)
AccuCount 1000
Automated Colony Counter

Ultrasonic Homogenizer (Sonicator, Cell Disrupter, Sonifier, Sonic Dismembrator, Cell Disruptor)
AccuCount 2000
Automated Counter


Many biological procedures depend on an accurate count of the bacterial colonies and other organisms. The enumeration of such colonies is a slow, tedious task. When counts are made by more than one technician, wide variations are often noted. Various attempts have been made to speed up the process and to improve counting precision.

With the development of the BioLogics' AccuCount™ family of counters, significant engineering advancements have been made to provide greater potential for accuracy and precision in a wide range of colony counting applications. Among the technological improvements that have enhanced accuracy and precision are: 1) Significant increase in sensitivity to detect smaller colonies in low contrast media; and 2) more sophisticated and expanded illumination systems to increase the range of visibility and broadens the scope of applications.

To a large extent, accurate colony counting depends on the ability to "see" colonies distinctly, whether viewed by the naked eye or by an automated instrument. Colony morphology is largely a result of the characteristics of the growth media and other environmental conditions. To enhance visibility of colonies and enhance the counting accuracy in an even broader range of applications, it is good practice to employ those procedures that form colonies that are readily discernible by their improved size, shape, distribution and contrast.

Typical Applications

Ames Testing Mouse Lymphoma Assay Bacillus Bacterial Colonies
Bacterial Mutation Assays E. Coli Bacterial Colonies Mammalian Cell Colonies
Salmonella Bacterial Colonies Staphylococcus Bacterial Colonies Plaque Forming Cell Colonies
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BioLogics manufactures the OMNICON Antibiotic Potency Testing systems and Ultrasonic Homogenizers.

OMNICON Antibiotic Potency
The OMNI-Noculator is an automated Peni Cylinder Dispensing and Peni Cylinder liquid filling system.

Ultrasonic Homogenizers
Instruments are utilized for chromatin shearing (ChIP assay), and DNA/RNA shearing for sequencing analysis.

Ultrasonic Homogenizers are also referred to as Sonicators, Cell Disruptors, SonifiersĀ®, and Sonic Dismembrators

Sonifier is a registered trademark of Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 

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